A guide to home projects when selling or buying your home

For sellers

As a seller, you have a significant decision to make. Do you want to sell your home fast, or do you want to get the best possible price? You can boost the value of your home through renovations, remodeling and improving its appearance. Some costly home projects may have a larger impact on the sales price, while simple adaptations can give your home a cosmetic boost to entice buyers.

Most people sell their homes based on their financial situation and goals. These two factors significantly affect your selling decisions and the approach you take to adding value to your home. Homeowners who have serious financial obligations and have their home as the capital source will most likely opt for whatever helps their home sell quickly. If you’re located in Northwest Indiana or Chicago, Kraz Construction can help you get top dollar for your home with the following improvements.

Projects to increase value

  • Windows: Replacing your windows can improve your home’s appearance and make it more energy efficient. Buyers will be attracted to the affordability of utility bills as well as the decreased environmental impact.
  • Siding: Increase the curb appeal of your home by replacing your siding. Faded color and noticeable damage might discourage potential buyers.
  • Attic insulation: High utility bills may be a sign the insulation in your attic is insufficient, which causes the HVAC system to work harder. Although this improvement won’t be visible, it can be a selling point mentioned to buyers.
  • Exterior doors: The front door plays a major role in buyers’ first impression of your home, along with other exterior doors such as back doors leading to the yard or walkout basement doors. Replacing exterior doors with stylish upgrades can give your home a leg up.
  • Roofing: If an inspector finds an issue with your roof, it could break your sale at the last minute and cost you more. Having your roof inspected before you put your house on the market and fixing any problems beforehand will save you in the long run.

For buyers

Choosing your next home is an exciting but daunting task. You probably have a wish list of features in mind, but there are several things about the integrity of the home that you need to be on the lookout for as well. It’s important to understand the cost of repair or replacement of different problems to determine if they are deal breakers or not.

  • Roof: Although a home inspector will take a much closer look at the exterior and interior of the roof, you can still eyeball it from the street. If shingles appear to be curling, missing or covered in moss, it’s a sign that the roof has been poorly maintained. Always ask how old the roof is so you can plan for repairs and replacements if it’s over 15 years old. Also look for leaves and other debris sticking out of the gutters, especially if there are trees nearby, as neglect could lead to expensive repairs in the future.
  • Foundation: Large cracks or crumbling of the cement foundation, whether outside or inside the basement, is an indicator of potential structural damage. This should be considered a deal breaker as foundation repairs are costly.
  • Flooring: Unusual sagging, dipping or puckering can be signs of problems below. If sagging or dipping is located near a bathroom, there could be plumbing issues underneath the floor. If there is puckering near doors, it could be water damage from a leaky frame. If you’re interested in what’s beneath wall-to-wall carpet, try pulling up the floor vent and looking under carpet, as it’s rarely tacked down to the floor around these.
  • HVAC: Check major appliances such as the furnace, air conditioning unit and water heater for rust to see if these items have been maintained. Ask when they were replaced last to get an idea of whether they will need replacing soon. As you walk from room to room, take notice of any temperature differences that may be a sign heat or air is not being distributed evenly.
  • Windows: Take the time to check that windows are in good working condition. They should easily open, close and lock. Also keep an eye out for cracking paint on window sills as this could indicate leaking. Depending on the season, check for drafts.

Partner with a professional

Whether you’re preparing to sell your house or buying your next home, the construction experts at Kraz Construction are here to help you get your improvement projects done right. We offer quality and dependable home repair and installation services using superior materials. Three generations of our family have proudly served the Northwest Indiana, Chicago and surrounding areas since 1927. We invite you to contact us for more information or fill out a simple form to get your free estimate today!


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