Home Roof Damage: When To Repair, Patch, or Replace

Storm damage — and general wear and tear — can wreak havoc on your home’s roof. Something must be done to repair the damaged shingles or fix any leaks, but it’s not always easy to know what to do. Let’s look a bit closer at the types of damage that require a simple patch, what may call for further repairs, or when you may need to completely replace your roof.

The Basics of Roof Repair

Small damage — like a section of broken or missing shingles — may only need a patch. Leaks or damage from a falling branch or hail, for example, may require repairs. Also, roof repairs encompass regular maintenance. This effort helps to prevent more costly repairs in the future. Entire re-roofing may be the solution when almost the entire roof has been damaged or if your roof is older (20 years or more). Any level of roof repair should be determined by a roofing professional, so be sure to have your roof examined before deciding on a course of action. An expert’s recommendation, along with the extent of damage, your roof’s aesthetic and your budget, should help you to make the best decision for your home.

Patching Your Roof

Small areas of damage or missing shingles can typically be fixed with a patch. Before patching a small section of your roof, you’ll need to be sure there isn’t any underlying or more extensive damage that isn’t visible. Also, remember that a patched area may not perfectly match with the rest of the roof, particularly if the original shingles are out of stock or production. This solution is the most economical, however, so if possible, patches are the way to go for a quick fix that won’t leave your home under construction for long.

Roof Repairs

A roof repair can be rather broad, including repairing damage, leaks, and general wear and tear. Unlike patches, which are quick and relatively inexpensive, repairs can be more extensive and costly. They’re still less of a time and cost-commitment than a full roof replacement, though, and repairs do reap benefits. Repairing your roof can add value to your home, extend your roof’s life expectancy, and yield a higher return on investment than a patch.

Full Roof Replacement

Extensive damage or an old roof will likely require a full roof replacement. While a huge project, including time, labor, and cost, a roof replacement gives homeowners peace of mind for years to come. New roofs increase your home’s value, as well as improve the overall aesthetic of your home (upping your curb appeal).

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