Winter Window Condensation: What To Do

Foggy Winter Mornings 

Waking up on a foggy winter morning with a warm cup of coffee is a familiar scene across many parts of the country. But what happens when that foggy aesthetic is clinging to the windows? Depending upon the humidity inside the house and the temperature outside, windows can collect condensation, and while this is perfectly normal, it can be frustrating. Luckily, there are some basic steps homeowners can take to eliminate window condensation.

Open Up 

Opening the window a little bit can help to eliminate condensation. While this is the quickest and easiest option to deal with condensation, doing so can increase heating costs for the home. 

Reduce Humidity 

Homeowners might consider turning down humidifiers, including those that work in conjunction with furnaces. Doing so will cause the humidifier to release less moisture into the air and can reduce condensation. 

Venting and Circulation 

The use of exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens can also help to reduce condensation. Homeowners might consider installing exhaust fans in other areas of the home where moisture can build up. Dryers, for example, can put a lot of moisture out into the air, and properly venting the dryer outdoors can eliminate some window condensation. It’s also a good idea to keep air circulating by using ceiling fans throughout the year. 

Window of Opportunity 

One option homeowners might consider is upgrading their current windows to models designed to handle humidity and decrease condensation. Kraz Construction offers a broad range of options with highly customizable vinyl windows. Our thermally insulated windows offer a “Double Life-time Guarantee” and can add value to any home. 

Know Where To Turn 

Kraz Construction has the knowledge to help homeowners find the window solution that works best for their unique circumstances. Let our experts help you choose windows that will allow you to enjoy hassle-free views for years to come. Call today for a free estimate at (219) 922-5050 or toll free at (888) 838-5729.

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